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Acadia manufactures and sells a number of specialty designs that address specific needs or requirements of a customer or common needs or requirements of a particular industry. Some of these designs are commonly used in a particular industry and others are available only through Acadia and are protected as intellectual property and patented designs.




Baffle design bags are used to maximize space and footprint control. The design prevents the FIBC from "rounding out" and remains cubic to aid in pallet configuration, side by side loading in truck or container, stacking stability and warehouse space utilization.




The quick release design was developed by Acadia and has been awarded patents in the U.S. and overseas. The QR design provides a safe remote, release alternative that does not require reaching underneath a full bag in order to discharge. The design has extensive use in pigment industry as well as a number of other industries.




Acadia design and sales team has over 60 years experience in designing and developing packaging solutions. If you have a special design problem or simply a wish list of better designed, more user friendly or safer FIBCS the Acadia team is here to help.