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FIBC Designs - Acadia Industries manufactures and distributes FIBCs of several varied designs as shown in this category. Included are several basic design options to assist in building the optimum design for each customer.

The Static Control Design - These include Type B, Type C and Type D. It is important that your static control needs are determined by your electrical and safety professionals. Acadia will work closely with your professional personnel to present the various options that may be used to control or eliminate dangers presented by static electrical charges.

Hazardous Product Designs - Many products have been identified by the U.S. Department of Transportation as hazardous products for shipping purposes. The DOT has established a series of regulations governing and providing guidelines for shipping these products throughout the U.S. These guidelines are contained in the Code of Federal Regulations at 49 CFR 105 et. seq.

Specialty Designs - Acadia manufactures and sells a number of specialty designs that address specific needs or requirements of a customer or common needs or requirements of a particular industry. Some of these designs are commonly used in a particular industry and others are available only through Acadia and are protected as intellectual property and patented designs.


Basic Design Baffle bag
Quick Release Type C Design