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Many products have been identified by the United States Department of Transportation as hazardous products for shipping purposes. The DOT has established a series of regulations governing and providing guidelines for shipping these products throughout the U.S. These guidelines are contained in the Code of Federal Regulations at 49 CFR 105 et. seq.

The classification of a product determines the proper shipping method and authorized FIBC design.



The DOT has established a set of regulations requiring test guidelines in order to certify an FIBC design for use with a regulated product. The test guidelines establish FIBC certification to Packaging Group I, II or III.



UN / DOT certification requires top lift testing to meet or exceed a safety ratio of 6:1. The testing requirements also set forth test guidelines for stacking testing, topple testing, and drop testing among others. The tests are designed to insure that the packaging will remain in tact and the hazardous product will remain contained during shipping.